Chapter Leadership

Molly Morrison

Collegiate Chapter President

Molly is a senior Marketing major, pursuing a minor in Spanish. As Chapter President, Molly hopes to, "Create an environment that our members feel safe being vulnerable and growing in. During college, you face many obstacles, and it is my hope that during those times Tri Delta will be in your corner helping you!" Molly has been deeply affected by her time in Tri Delta, adding, "Tri Delta is about being in something bigger. It's bigger than you and me. Tri Delta is an organization that is cultivating and shaping women from diverse backgrounds into well-rounded individuals, sisters, friends, and citizen members. It is pushing its members out of their comfort zones in order to help them blossom and grow. Tri Delta is kindness. Tri Delta is passion. Tri Delta is bold. Tri Delta is a perpetual bond of friendship. Tri Delta is something that goes beyond what the eye can see." Molly is also a member of the Cheer team and Beta Gamma Sigma.

Kelsi Gelle

Vice President of Community Relations

Kelsi is a senior Biochemistry major with a minor in Mathematics and a certificate in Wrongful Convictions. When asked about her position, Kelsi said, "I like that this position is so involved with the many events and public exposure that Tri Delta has. Vice President of Community Relations is able to assist in all aspects in the chapter and I love that!" Kelsi is also a member of the Drury Cheer Team, Drury Honors Program, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, and American Chemical Society. Kelsi is extremely passionate about fitness and has recently been partaking in powerlifting.

Maddie Wutke

Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Maddie is an Elementary Education major pursuing a minor in Women and Gender Studies and a certificate in Learning to Lead and Leading to Learn. When asked about her position, Maddie said, "I love that my position allows me to showcase all of the amazing things we do as a Chapter. It has also been an amazing creative outlet that allows me to utilize artistic skills that I haven't been able to explore as much in my classes and jobs." Maddie also added, "The support that I have received from the members of Tri Delta is truly unmatched. Our members have seen potential within me even when I couldn't see it in myself and that has made all the difference in my college experience." Maddie is also a member of Drury's Honors College and Drury's Student Teacher Association. She is a Co-Supervisor at the Call Center on campus, an intern at the Glo Center, and spends much of her time babysitting and tutoring.

Makenzie Ellerman

Director of Membership Selection

Makenzie is a senior Biology major pursing minors in Chemistry and Spanish, as well as, a certificate in Wrongful Convictions. When asked about her feelings towards Tri Delta, she said, "I love the sisterhood and the bond we all share. I always know there's someone I can count on no matter what and it's something I've loved having the very second I accepted my bid! I know my sisters will always encourage me and be cheering me on when I need it most." Makenzie is really looking forward to working behind the scenes during recruitment this year. She is also involved in the American Chemical Society and works as a Medical Scribe at the Emergency Rooms in Cox Hospitals and Mercy Hospital.

Quinn Vonder Haar

Director of Lifetime Membership

Quinn is a junior double majoring in Political Science and Organizational and Leadership Communication. She is also pursuing a minor in Law and Society and a certificate in Activist Toolkit. One of Quinn's goals as Director of Lifetime Membership is to, "Bring our friends, alum and family on to campus more often to see all the amazing things our chapter is doing!" Quinn loves the way Tri Deltas always show up for each other and the whole community as well. Quinn is also Vice President of Student Life for the Student Government Association, and Orientation Leader, and participates in the Color/Winter Guard. She works in the admissions office on campus, so you'll frequently find her giving tours around campus!

Olivia Hall

Vice President of Operations

Olivia Hall is a senior Architecture major pursuing a minor in Business Administration and a certificate in International Immersion. When asked about her position, Olivia said, "I enjoy being able to see all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into what makes our chapter operate. I believe it already has and will continue to, provide me with business experience that I will be able to apply later in life in the professional world." Olivia also loves that philanthropy events bring people together across campus for such amazing causes. Olivia is a member of the Drury Triathalon Team and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. She is passionate about outdoor activities, exploring new countries, and all things Tri Delta!

Madeline Husk

Director of Rituals

Maddie is a sophomore double major in Behavioral and Clinical Neuroscience and Criminology. She is also pursuing minors in Advanced Scientific Analysis and Sociology, as well as, a certificate in Wrongful Convictions. As Director of Rituals, Maddie hopes to, "Make new and past members feel immediately and permanently part of the Tri Delta family." Maddie works at Task9 Security and loves the arts.

Molly Boxrud

Director of First Year Experience

Molly is a senior Biology major pursuing minors in Community Health, Psychology, and Sociology. She is also pursuing a certificate in Holistic Health and Well-Being. When asked about her position this year, Molly said, "I love working with younger deltas to realize their potential in Tri Delta and in college. I want to create a safe and welcoming space for new deltas to come as they are." Molly has a deep love for Tri Delta, adding, "My sisters are the most supporting and caring group of women I have had the privilege of being a part of. I love the mix of serious and silly conversations that create deep bonds of friendship." Molly is also a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team and works as an intern at the Springfield Greene County Health Department.

Laiken Cash

Director of Administration

Laiken is a junior Biochemistry major with a minor in Exercise Physiology and a certificate in Professional and Visual Communication. When asked about her position, Laiken said, "My position is all about the behind-the-scenes work of the sorority. I love that what I do enables us to actively improve the standards and culture of our sisterhood." She also added, "My favorite thing about Tri Delta has always been the people. The women in this sorority are truly some of the most genuine, hard-working people I know. Being around them has only made me a better student, friend, and sister." Laiken is also a member of Drury Honors College and Alpha Lambda Delta. She loves being outside, on the river, volunteering at local hospitals, and is currently in EMT school.

Laci Varner

Director of Facility Operations

Laci is a sophomore pursuing a double major in Criminology and Psychology. One of Laci's favorite things about Tri Delta is, "We will always support each other and other women on campus. It creates this beautiful atmosphere of female empowerment on campus." As Director of Facility Operations, Laci hopes to make our suite a friendly, welcoming space that everyone is excited to spend time in. Laci is also an Orientation Leader and participated in Student Elevate. Laci works at a jewelry shop and loves spending time with her cats!

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