The Delta Kappa Chapter has an amazing bond that we share with one another. Although we are small, we are strong. The following is a list of all of our wonderful members!

Molly Morrison

Abby Robertson

Bridget Wilmes

Darby Eggleston

Ellie Holloway

Grace Edwards

JC Waggoner

Jeana Laughlin

Kelsi Gelle

Laci Varner

Laiken Cash

Lauren McDougald

Maddie Wutke

Madeline Husk

Makenzie Ellerman

Mattie James

McCleary Stark

McKenna Mason

Molly Boxrud

Molly Jackson

Molly Perkins

Olivia Filimonczuk

Olivia Hall

Shannon Donohue

Taylor Puckett

Zoe Young

Kylee Wilson

Lauren Hamm

Quinn Vonder Haar



brave, bold, kind